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    Table + Set Analysis + Filtering

    John Schmidt



      i am fighting with a strange behavior with a Qlik Sense table chart.

      I habe a very simple example:


      Table with two dimensions:

      - Ticket

      - Status


      And one Metric:

      Count (Comments)


      When i filter now for a certain status, the table shows me exatcly the rows where the status field matches.

      Alle good until here.


      Now i add a Set Analysis because i only want to show tickets with a certain status:





                  Ticketstatus_ID = {7,8,26,28,35,36}           






      Now, when i filter a status, the rows in the table stay the same.

      I would expect that when i filter for status = 26 that only those rows are shown.

      When i want to filter for status = 508, the table shouldnt show any rows.

      However, the table always shows the same rows.


      Am i missing something here?


      Thanks in advance,