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    Append and history file

    Livio Sebastiano Colombo

      I have a big problem.



      I have files to load from a directory called FilePath. I need to check the history of files already loaded so I can update my table every time I insert a new file in the FilePath directory.

      An additional complication is that the new file must diffuse from the old based on:

      - a combination of 3 fields (SCENARIO, YEAR, PERIOD) that we can call KEY;

      - a version of the file given by the date and a progressive one.



      An example of a name is: ACT_2018_01_20180131_00, while a different file can be ACT_2018_01_20180131_01.



      If Scenario, Year and Period are the same then you have to replace them, while if the new file has a different scenario, year and period, then you have to go into append.



      If there are no new files uploaded to the directory then I have to show only those already loaded.