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    Get Max Value between 2 Dates (per Day)

    Prince Sabi



      i already opened a discussion (Re: Get Max Value from a Field between two dates). I got the answer, but now i have a second problem.


      Nn my diagram i show per Day how much problems were created (For example on 2017-11-11 74 problems were created). Now i want to know within the StartDate and the EndDate (both are variables, which can be modified) the Max Value of Problems per Day. In my Table I have data which show the problem, when it occours.


      For example: Within the period of time 2018-01-01 - 2018-01-15 i want to know the Max Problems per Day.

      My tables looks like:


      OpenDate          ProblemID          Duration

      2018-01-01         238848              23

      2018-01-01         923333              184

      2018-01-12         938489              94

      2018-01-12         284928              83

      2018-01-12         283829              89

      2018-01-14         398200              12    


      For example the solution would be now 3!


      I hope u can understand what i want to say. :-)