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    show specific dates qlik sense

    Joanna Seldon



      I am using qlik sense


      I have the following set analysis


      SUM({$< WeekCommencingMonday= {"$(='>=' & WeekStart(Max(WeekCommencingMonday),-8) & '<=' & Date(Max(Date), 'DD/MM/YYYY'))"}, ID={'1', '2', '3'}>}Value)


      in the data load I have this to work out week commencing


      Date(WeekEnd("Date", 0, 1), 'DD/MM/YY') as WeekCommencingMonday



      on the chart I am trying to restrict the data to 8 weeks


      it shows all the dates going back as far as 2016 along the x axis.. I only want it to show the last 8 weeks


      also as well, if there is no data for e.g 01/01/2018, I still want it to show this date along the x axis



      I do have an additional calendar script that value data is linked to as well, making sure all dates are in the data load


      please help