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    Help with the download in Qlik View

    Daniel Paredero



      I have a Dashboard in Qlik View, wich is located in a server, and the users access to this Dashboard with the AccessPoint. I'm trying to download several tables into a document in .xls format from the AccessPoint and I'm having some troubles.


      First of all, I have made a button that records a macro. This macro creates an Excel book with each table in a diferent sheet of the book. Then, the macro dowloads the .xls into the server without problems. But my purpose is to download the .xls into the user's PC.


      Do you know any way to do this??


      Maybe the way I'm doing this (making a button with a macro that downloas the .xls) is not correct...


      Please, if anybody knows how to do this, I would be very grateful!