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    Qlikview 12 - Can't open documents

    Frederico Barracha

      Hi everyone,


      I'm pretty new with Qlik technologies and I'm currently learning to work with QlikView and QlikSense.


      I'm expected to also work a little with R and integrate R with Qlikview, which I saw that is a possibility.


      I've been trying to set up an example in Qlikview (using some posts I found here) but I can't open the documents, it just says: failed to load the document.


      I've been using V12.


      Examples I tried open:

      QlikView and R Integration for Predictive Analytics Example


      OpenCPU, R, Google GeoCharts & QlikView Integration Example


      Is there any explanation why? Am I missing anything?


      I have R installed, but I don't have statconnDCOM.

      Thanks everyone.