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    Date and time fucntions

    Mike Slottje

      Goodmorning experts,


      I have two questions regarding a date and a time function.


      • Date:

      I have a visualisation which shows the number of entered orders.

      In the title of this visualisation, I want to show the name of the day and the date for yesterday.

      I'm using the following expression:

      ='Orders entered '


      if(num(WeekDay(Today()))= 6,(WeekDay(today())-2),(WeekDay(today())-1))

      &' '&

      if(num(WeekDay(Today()))= 6,(date(today())-2),(date(today())-1))

      The expression shows me the numeric WeekDay and the numeric date of yesterday, where this should be the name of the day and the date in 'DD-MM-YYYY'.

      Funny thing is, that this expression works as I want for today(), but not for (today()-1).


      Any idea how to solve this problem?


      • Time:

      To improve the data in this chart, I want to show the data of yesterday if the time of opening the sheet is before 16:00:00 ('h:mm:ss').

      Otherwise, the chart should show the data of today. So, I'm searching for a proper expression for the following if statement:

      if( "date of opening" < 16:00:00, date of yesterday, date of today)

      Any idea how to write such an expression?

      Hope you guys could help me out!