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    Complicated section access Qliksense

    Amir Mohamed

      Hi all,


      I am really stuck in here and would appreciate any help


      I currently use Qlik View , section access, section application using the spreadsheet attached. What is the best way to use the same in Qlik Sense.

      The spreadsheet attached is just example, however, the original is mush bigger in terms of list of users, tabs, customer groups


      this is an example;

      The dashboard has many customers and around 10 sheets, User1 has access to all customers in the dashboard and 5 sheets with all objects, however, User2 has access to Adidas customer only and access to 2 sheets out of the 10


      As the list of users and accesses are quite big I was wondering is there other way of using this instead of Stream Level Management, App level management and sheet level management that I have read through this link Sheet or App Object Level Security Qlik Sense


      would you please help me with this?


      Many thanks,