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    cumulative sum in bar chart

    onur yılmaz

      Hello everyone,


      I am trying to calculate cumulative sum in a bar chart in Qlik Sense which has two dimensions; month and year. My measure is sum of Sales.


      What I want is, sales values should be cumulatively summed in bar chart for the selected months.

      For example: March 2016  sales values should be sum of Jan 2016 and Feb 2016 on pivot table and rest of them also should be the same.

      Right now I have below bar chart, it is only showing the related month year sales data.

      bar chart.PNG

      I have tried "=RangeSum(Above(Sum(Sales), 0, RowNo(total)))" but it has not worked. Result of the "=RangeSum(Above(Sum(Sales), 0, RowNo(total)))" is below picture.


      Please suggest me any solution if anyone of you gone through the same problem.