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    The hypercube results are too large.

    Bhargav Patel

      I'm currently working on simple extension to fetch data from object. I don't know why i am getting this error: the hypercube results are too large though i googled it but not quite helpful. However, i already set properties of hypercube data (auto sizing). code is mentioned below,


      initialProperties: {
           qHyperCubeDef: {
                qDimensions: [],
                qMeasures: [],
                qInitialDataFetch: [
                          qWidth: 10,
                          qHeight: 100000
      paint: function ($element,layout) {
           var app = qlik.currApp(this);
           // object_id is id of object on current sheet.
                var hc = e.layout.qHyperCube;
                e.getHyperCubeData('/qHyperCubeDef', [{  
                                          qWidth: hc.qSize.qcx+1,
                                          qHeight: hc.qSize.qcy+1
                                              //here i am getting error..
                                              // qWidth and qHeight is auto set.


      Here is my object's qSize  information:

      Screenshot (55) (2).png


      Engine error message:

      Screenshot (98).png

      any help will be appreciated.