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    Idevio chart layer: how to build a pie chart for a yes/no aggregated field

    Lorenzo Vita

      Dear all,


      I am struggling against the following issue:


      I have a household questionnaire which has to be displayed as a map with village data (1 village -> many household).

      For a yes/no question I want to show the share of households in the village answering yes or no using a  pie chart for each village.

      I am using Idevio chart layer. As dimensions I have set the village location and the yes/no field [question].

      As measures I have added Lat/Lon  and

      count(aggr([question], [village]))

      but it returns not the expected result

      I have also tried aggr(count([question]), [village])

      in this case the pie charts disappear


      Is someone having ideas?