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    Ignore a filter for the dimension colouring my graph

    Megan Horsfield



      I have a stacked bar graph that I am trying to get to ignore a filter on a different field. It has this formula normally:


           count({<[Report Period]={'Rolling 30 Days'}>}[Broker Reference])

                /count(total <Brand> {<[Report Period]={'Rolling 30 Days'}>} [Broker Reference])


      which gives this graph:

      Stacked Bar no filter.PNG


      However if I ignore any filters on the dimension Lapsed By using this formula


           count({<[Report Period]={'Rolling 30 Days'},[Lapsed By]=>}[Broker Reference])

                /count(total <Brand> {<[Report Period]={'Rolling 30 Days'},[Lapsed By]=>} [Broker Reference])


      and then filter on a Lapsed By value the graph still shows the normal split but greys out segments that don't relate to this agent:


      Stacked Bar with filter.PNG


      Is there a way to stop these from greying out? I am assuming it is because my second dimension that is colouring the graph is still being filtered on my Lapsed By selection, but don't know how to stop this.


      Any solutions would be much appreciated!