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    How to update Qlik Sense nov 2017?

    Aad Dijksman

      Hi community,


      Today I try  to install Qlik Sense november 2017 with the latest update (patch 2). A clean install of Qlik Sense was easily done and after filling in / altering some settings it was running. Then I installed the patch, which was succesfull, but then the proxy went down and never came up. Then I tried to remove the patch but the first attempt failed, my second attempt was succesfull, but no working Qlik Sense anymore. Then I tried to repair Qlik Sense and the first attempt failed, a second attempt is now running and succesfull, but got immideately problems with opening the QMC (proxy related) and my user directory connector is gone and some users ..... how come?

      But my main question is: what am I doing wrong when installing the patch 2 and or is there any precise step-to-step plan to install?

      Thanks in advance and kind regards,

      Aad Dijksman (the Netherlands)