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    SAP Extractor Connector Timeout with InfoCube 10 Minutes

    Frank David

      Dear all,

      we have a strange behavior in our Qlik Sense system while extracting data from an SAP BW InfoCube.

      Each time we get a time out in Qlik Sense after 10 Minutes (see attached log file). In SAP BW System the process is executed further.

      What we’ve noticed is, that within these 10 Minutes there is no data send to Qlik, because extraction takes longer. If we make selection for less data (which is delivered in less than 10 Minutes) everything works fine.

      Detailed Information:

      • We use the QvSAPExtractorConnector.exe
      • Timeout Parameters in the corresponding connection have all been set to 3600 seconds (which is one hour)
        • Timeout
        • TimeoutSAP
        • SocketTimeout
        • TimeoutInit
        • TimeoutActivity
        • TimeoutData

      Any ideas?

      By the way, we know about following sentence within Qlik-Documentation:

      “The Extractor Connector is mainly a tool for retrieving data from an ERP system. It is also useful for a BW system, though it can face the same issue with timeouts as the OLAP connector when trying to load from an InfoCube. Loads from a DSO/ODS do not have this restriction as it is a transparent table in a BW system.”

      But what exactly is meant? OLAP time out in SAP BW System? Or is there something else in Qlik?