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    Limit chart by Zscore and outliers

    asad ra

      I was wondering if there is a way do a limitation on the chart by Zscore if the Zscore is < 3. .   currently I am doing a fractile but I also need to be able to do a Zscore check on what is shown on the screen aggregated at the dimension level for example category which is a drill down that checks if a user clicks on without outliers it does a check on IF(FABS(SUM(( UnitTotal) - AVG(TOTAL UnitTotal))/STDEV( Total UnitTotal)) < 3  than do 

      FRACTILE(UnitTotal,.9)) / 86400  .  however when doing this it only shows outliers over the range of unit total. and not by category. So it goes from from.




      To this






      There should be a line for each category after doing this.. but it is removing categories completely.


      is there a way I can utilize the dimension limitations option to enable this?

      PS. This needs to be a dynamic expression that can not go in the backend because it is dependent on many variables and what the user selects.

      Thank you in advance.