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    On-demand Navigation links dissapearing when importing app to a new server

    Pablo Garcia Dominguez

      Hello all,


      We are developing an App with On-demand.  We are using Qlik Sense Server June 2017 with on demand service activated.


      We are using different servers for the development and preproduction enviroments. While the app works just fine in the development server, when we promote the App (Selection + templates) to the PRE server the On-demand navigation links disappear. The navigation bar show a 'Not Valid' message in the navigation point.


      We have tried to create the navigation links on the promoted app, but the dissapear too.


      If we create a new app in the PRE server and use a promoted template it works just fine.


      Is there a solution so we can use the promoted app?


      Thanks in advance for your responses.