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    Qlik Sense Map Creation

    Rajarshi Guin

      Hi All,


      I have a file which contains the US State names along with various other measures columns. I want to display the States in a map. I am able to create a map by storing latitude and longitude information of all the states in another file and then importing that file into Qlik Sense.


      However, my query is can we create a map without separately importing the longitude and latitude information from another file. Is Qlik Sense able to create a map if we have only the State names in a file without longitude and latitude information? If yes. can anyone please let me know how to do that.



      Thanks and Regards,

      Rajarshi Guin

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          Youssef Belloum



          If you load the table which contains the Departments column with the DATA MANAGER, Qliksense will try to recognize geographical informations for you and creates a geographical field, But I'm not sure that it can recognize departments, it worked for me with country field for example.


          Otherwise, use your latitude and longitude informations with GeoMakePoints() to be able to display them on a map.

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            Fathi Ali



            in my experience when you load a table wich contains cities or states or countries, in the map Qlik Sense gonna recognize but not allow to display as points but it gonna fill all the country for example  the value Paris it gonna fill all the France but if you had fields with Longitude and Latitude it gonna just point the city Paris.


            and May be i am wrong, wait for our experienced friends answers.




            P.S: i was wrong it's possible for cities read below but states no points able just polygone and it's logical

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              omar bensalem

              To be able to use Your states in a Map chart; you have to tell QLIK to help you with that.


              Now, with that being said; there is 2 ways of loading data :

              1) through the script : We have the full control

              2) through the data load editor : Where QLIK SENSE try to assist/help us


              So, with that being said; what yoiu should is go to the data load editor ;




              synchronise the table of the script:



              and than reload data.


              With that, Qlik SENSE will recognize your states as GeoFields and thus you can use them directly in a map chart without lat/lon combinations.