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    Qlik Sense Mashup API - Detecting Calculation Condition

    Richard Bartley

      Dear all,


      I would like to display a message below my line chart, but only if the calculation condition has been met, i.e. the chart is displayed and not the custom message.  I have been able to determine that Qlik uses the class "object-error" for the div that shows the 'error' and so I am using the following code:



      "qDef": {

      "qFieldDefs": [

      "[Marketing Year]"



      "qInitialDataFetch": [{

      qTop : 0,

      qLeft : 0,

      qHeight : 100,

      qWidth : 1


      }, function(reply) {

      console.log('Marketing Year changed');






      function changeVisibilityAxisLabel()


      var intErrorMessage = $('.object-error').length;













      However, I wonder whether there is  better way, since I am having to use a timeout to cope with the synchronisation issues between the filter being selected and the chart updating to display the chart or error message.