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    Color consistency b/w Bar chart vs Pie Chart

    Selva A

      Hi ,


      I have a requirement like below.


      I want to show the same color for Pie chart as well as bar chart.


      Dimension for  Bar chart --  I used 2 dimensions (Month Name (Jan-17).... Dec-17 ,Days)

      Days Dimension -- I have used 


      if([xyz] <=1, 'Below 1 day'

      ',if([xyz] <=3,  'Below 2-3 day'

      ',if([xyz] <=7,'Below 3-7 day'

      ',if([xyz] <=17,'Below  8-17 day'

      ',if([xyz] <=30, 'Below 18-30 day'

      ,above 30 days


      Measure - Used    Count([xyz])+ 0 * Count([xyz])

      Same thing for pie chart also

      I used color by expression in both charts


      if([xyz] <=1, Yellow()

      ',if([xyz] <=3, blue()

      ',if([xyz] <=7, Green()

      ',if([xyz] <=17, brown()

      ',if([xyz] <=30, red()




      But still it's not coming correctly. Kindly help me on this


      Thanks in Advance