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    [NPrinting 16.6] Individual format for columns in PowerPoint-Template

    Markus Haindl


      I'm trying to create a table in PowerPoint which has different number formattings for each column. Unfortunatly I'm not very successful.

      Disclaimer: I need both 'Format' and 'Custom Rows' which prevents me from inserting the individual columns instead of the whole table.

      I'm using Nprinting (SR6) with QlikView 12.10.20000.0 (SR2)


      I'm getting following table




      What I'm trying to get ist this table


      In the powerpoint template this table looks like the following



      As an example the properties for the CpSES column

      That's my structure. The table CH23_1 is the one I'm referring to in the powerpoint template. The column I'm trying to get into the format '#,##0.00 €' is CpSES.


      The properties for the CH23_1. I unchecked the 'Keep Source Formats'. As you can see I also specified 'Custom Rows'. As I read in the help.qlik.com section this setting is only available for whole tables and are not available for single columns. So I'm stuck with the whole table.



      The properties for the CpSES column. 'Keep Source Formats' is also unchecked. The format is given.



      As you may see in the desired table at the beginning of the post I want different formats for the individual columns. some are '#,##0', some are '#,##0.00 %' and some are '#,##0.00 €'.


      Is it possible to achieve this or am I out of luck?