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    Wrap Text

    Chanty 4u

      Hi lech_miszkiewicz


      i have a excel report with around 10 columns  but one column data has more info   [Nprinting 17.2.3.  Qliksense]


      its like description     other column data like  aa,bb,cc,dd ...


      so when i get the output am getting row height is same as description coloumn height


      i dont want that is there any way to achieve this?  


      i tried decreasing row height in preview but no luck


      Note: Attaching output file   along with expected out put aswell

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          Lech Miszkiewicz

          I think you should ask this question in Microsoft Excel forum. First of all you are using excel WRAP TEXT functionality which by default expands column height to required level. Why don't you just disable this option?




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            Ruggero Piccoli



            Did you tried to remove the "Keep source format" flag for the specific column and applying Excel formatting instead?



            Best Regards,



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