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    Count Occurence of all distinct values

    Henry Tobler

      Hi there!


      Let us say I have a table with a  string based column 'Interests' holding strings separated by a delimiter





      How can I count the occurrence of every distinct interest in my table (without knowing all possible interests before, meaning they are not static, e.g. tomorrow another interest 'chess' might appear in my table)?

      I.e. the expression shall give the following result:

      InterestCount of OccurrencesHeader 3
      Dancing2since row 3 and 4 contain 'Dancing'
      Music2since row 1 and 2 contain 'Music'
      Tabletennis1since row 1 contains 'Tabletennis'


      I read about the SubField  and SubStringCount functions. But I cannot glue it together...