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    Find Max of a time

    Hugo Meuris

      Hello every one,


      I'm facing a problem with Qlik Sence I couldn't manage to fix for now, so I thought I should ask the community for some help =)


      What I'm looking for is following :


      Everyday (column 2) I get a working time (column 4) for each line of production (column 3)


      I would like to add a column thank to set analysis, which would give me the maximum of working time between the 2 lines of production.

      (like shown on the picture)

      Question Qlik.jpg


      I tried to use the Max() function but I can't use it on the operator SUM => Max(Sum(TPSPASSE)) doesn't worked.

      By looking through some docs and posts I got that I had to use Aggr(), but all I tried doesn't work...


      Has please someone an idea what I should write in set analysis to get the wanted column ?


      Thank for your time and consideration