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    Bar Chart Trellis for more than 2 Dimensions.

    vidya sagar malla

      Hello Everyone,


      I am working on QlikSense. I know that we cannot use more than 2 dimensions in a Stacked Bar chart. So I have decided to create a multiple Barcharts with the 3rd dimension. Can someone please help with the logic. Please find the information below.


      Dimension 1: YEAR (This goes on x-axis)

      Dimension2: Fruits exp: Apple, Banana, Grapes (This goes to the colors)

      Dimension3: if(aggr(sum(sales),company,year)>50,greater than 50',if(aggr(sum(sales),company,year)<50,'Less than 50',if(aggr(sum(sales),company,year)>50 and aggr(sum(sales),company,year)<100,'50 to 100',if(aggr(sum(sales),company,year)>100 and aggr(sum(sales),company,year)<200,'100 to 200')))). So i have 4 dimensions or Categories from this expression.


      Measure: Sum(Sales)


      Since I do not have an option to show 3 dimensions in one single bar chart. I want to split the bar chart into 4 based on my 3rd dimension expression.


      Thanks in Advance,