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    Max and Min on work date

    Jane Wu


      Hi I like to use Max and Min to get the "start date" and "end date" in a networkdays function, trying to add new measure in the data.
      my date filed is [work date].
      add field:
      Field Name: Number of Workdays
      networkdays = (min([Work Date]), max([Work Date]))
      min and max are invalid function
      Please advise what is the correct syntax.


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          Jahanzeb Hashmi

          networkdays (min([Work Date]), max([Work Date]))

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            Jahanzeb Hashmi

            in script two steps to go there



            min([Work Date]) as MinDate,

            max([Work Date]) as MaxDate

            Resident Test;




            Load *,

            NetWorkDays(peek(MinDate,0,'Temp'),Peek(MaxDate,0,'Temp')) as WD

            Resident Test;

            Drop Table Test;

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              Ishtdeep Singh

              Please convert Work Date as Start & End Date.

              Then use - NetWorkDays([Start Date],[End Date])


              if you want you can specify holidays as well. Please check the below example.


                need to specify the holidays in networkday().


                 For example you want networkdays between 2006-12-18 and 2006-12-31.


                 If you just give this without the specific holidays you will get 10 as output.


                 But say you have holiday on 2006-12-25 and 2006-12-26


                 Then specify like this


                 networkdays ('2006-12-18', '2006-12-31', '2006-12-25', '2006-12-26')


                 and you will get answer as 8.