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    QMC Installation Issues

    Desmond Walker

      Help Needed.


      We just had the QMC installed on our dedicated Server.  When the software was installed it asked to set-up an admin user.  The company that set-up our software created an Admin User  along with a password.  I can login the QMC using this login only.  The issue I am having is as follows:


      1. How do I access the software located on the Server from my laptop? I have Remote Access to the Server.
      2. How do I set-up the credentialing or the authentication and create a Single Sign-on for my credentials?  I created an Excel spreadsheet, downloaded the ODBC Excel Driver and pointed to the spreadsheet, all the users were loaded.  I allocated a User token to myself and set-up the access rules.  However, I cannot use my credentials to login to Qlik Sense Enterprise.

                -  When I try to click on the icons using the Remote Server, I get the following error message (See Attachment)

      3.  Once all of this is figured out; Can I get the Applications that I created from the Free Qlik Desktop into the  Qlik Enterprise software or do I need to recreate?