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    NPRINTING report for multiple dimension values

    Satish Kurra



      I'm trying to generate an NPRINTING report for multiple dimension values.


      Here is what i need to create


      I have product dimension and it contains values Phone, Tablet and Laptop


      Based on these 3 values, i need to create 3 slides in PRINTING

      Slide 1 for Phone

      Slide 2 for Tablet

      Slide 3 for Laptop.... and so on


      Also For Slide 3, i need the combination of Product="Laptop" and Year="2017"


      I'm looking through mutiple posts in community but couldn't get there


      Please help




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          Andy Weir

          Have you tried setting product as page in your report?






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            Lech Miszkiewicz

            so my usual questions:


            • what is your required template format? XLS, PDF, PPT, WORD etc?
            • what version of NPrinting arte you using
            • is your dimension actual field in a datamodel or calculated dimension?
            • provide a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve (mockup)

            we will take it from there as depending which option we are talking about there will be different steps to achieve the same


            Based on the wording "slide" i assume you are talking about Power Point template and as Andy said you can use Page property to run through your dimension.


            As you require custom dimension like:

            • phone - no_year_selection
            • table - no_year_selection
            • phone - year_selection

            you may want to create in Qlik data model concatenated field which will serve this.


            As a alternative you may want to create 3 slides with custom filters on each of them. Depending on what exactly needs to happen there are different scenarios and steps (as i mentioned before)


            looking froward to hear from you - regards