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    timeline in horizontal stack

    Leo Harper

      Good evening all,


      I'm trying to create a horizontal stacked chart to show the lifecycle of our servers going through the various stages (numbered 10-50 for ease). Unfortunately we don't have the ability to use qlik extensions so thought a horizontal stack would do the trick. Sadly I can't quite seem to get to where I need to be. I've tried putting 'date' , min(date) etc in the measures but it still looks wrong.


      Please see below:


      Sample data:



      Server AStage 1001/10/2016
      Server AStage 2027/01/2017
      Server AStage 3004/03/2017
      Server AStage 4008/05/2017
      Server AStage 5010/10/2017
      Server AComplete11/11/2017
      Server BStage 1012/12/2016
      Server BStage 2013/02/2017
      Server BStage 3015/04/2017
      Server BStage 4017/06/2017
      Server BStage 5011/11/2017
      Server BComplete20/12/2017


      This is what I'm trying to create...see attachment



      I'd be grateful for any thoughts on what formula / expression I'd need to get the date axis to work. I've assumed that using the two dimensions of product and stage are okay??


      Or any ideas of a better way of doing it...