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    Bank Performance Dashboard

    bhuvaneshwaran m

      Hi Friends,

      I need a help.

      I want to find out the particular bank performance or contribution in india.



      Money Sending Country Name Money Receiving Country Name Bank Name Total Amount
      Global India SBI 1000
      Global India ICICI 2000
      Global India IDBI 3000
      Global India HDFC 4000
      Global India HSBC 5000

      above table shows globally money received from india's different banks.

      I want to find out the contributions of ICICI bank india.

      Total Amount received to india 15000

      contribution of ICICI 2000 13%

      rest of the bank contribution 13000 87%

      I want to present these performance for using pie chart.

      I want the expression for this calculation in qlik sense.

      friends kindly share the expression for above calculation.