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    Qlik sense change x-axis start day of the week

    Chris Allen



      I have a chart with the x-axis being week, eg. 22-Jan-18, 29-Jan-18 etc. I want to change the week start date for this graph to be a Wednesday instead of a Monday.


      I am currently using this as the graph dimension:

      =if(Week <= vThisWeekEnd , Date(Week, 'DD-MMM-YY'))


      With the variable being:

      =DATE(FLOOR(WEEKEND(MAX({<BudgetName = {'Actual Results'}>}Date),-1,2)))


      The variable makes it so the start date is Wednesday for calculation purposes, but the graph displays Monday on the label anyway. Is there a way to change this? I assume I have to insert a date offset into the dimension formula showhow. 


      Any help would be much appreciated