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    Last 12 months restriction

    bhavani b

      Hi Experts,


      Can any one please help me on below requirement.

      In the YearMonth Field I have records from 2017/01 to 2018/02.

      Here I have to restrict last 12 months

      Sum({<YearMonth={">=$(=Max(YearMonth)-12) <$(=Max(YearMonth))"}>}Sales)

      with the above expression when I have selected 2018/01 then getting last 12 months from 2017/01 to 2017/12

      but when i have selected 2018/02 then getting last 13 months from 2018/01 to 2017/01 but need to get 2018/01 to 2017/02.

      How to get this. Please help me on it. Please find the attached Document.



      Thanks in advance