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    Change lib:// path

    John Glover

      How do I change the location that lib:// points to, specifically in Qlik Sense Desktop?


      I want to be able to share data files and QVF files between two separate computers and to update data and the App from either. Basically I want to just open up the Data Manager (or whatever), re-point the lib:// to a new data location, and then have it pull in the data (the files will be structured and named the same).


      I would like to be able to use the Data Manager, and so I am hoping to not have to "unlock" the auto-generated section of the load script. Also the "Data Connection" everything is currently pointing to doesn't seem to work on either the original or secondary computer.


      Many thanks.

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          Devarasu R


          first try to create DSN connection

          in qliksense from edit script you can find create New  connection option just clik add and select as Folder option

          then try give like below


          \\ IP address\SourceDocuments\App\

          after that u can call

          Binary 'lib://vQVFPath/Sample.qvf;

          p.s: once you created the connection then it will be listed in your environment path list (u can check via qmc)

          also make sure you have appropriate folder permission access on the above mentioned shared network folder path


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              John Glover

              I didn't clearly call out in my original question that I am looking specifically at Desktop for this question. Does your answer still apply? Would I use my local machine as the "IP address" (localhost:4848 or something like that)?