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    Currently Selected field

      Hi Guys,


           Thanks for ur support in this forum.


           Please help to find out this trick.


           I need to get currently selected field to use in a chart. Mns I have a field named 'Project Type'


           It has three values like 'Maintenance', 'Development', 'Consultancy'.


           I want to show text box when the value of [Project Type] is 'Maintenance'


           Thanks in advance.

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          In Text Box -> Layout -> Show (Conditional -> [Project Type] = 'Maintenance').


          When ever you select the Maintenance this text box would be displayed in your chart.

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            Johannes Sunden



            Take a look at the GetFieldSelections() function.

            From F1 help:


            getfieldselections( FieldName [, ValueSep [, MaxValues]] )

            Returns a string with the current selections in a field.

            ValueSep is the separator to be put between field values. The default is ', '.

            Maxvalues is the maximum number of field values to be individually listed. When a larger number of values is selected the format 'x of y values' will be used instead. The default is 6. 


            getfieldselections ( Year ) 

            getfieldselections ( Year, '; ' ) 

            getfieldselections ( Year, '; ' , 10 )


            (EDIT: Ah, I seem to have misunderstood the question. Thought you wanted to show the current selection that you had made, in a text object)

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              Patrick Laredo


              use the function getfieldselections().


              This will show what you have selected in the field [Project Type].


              So if I understood your request you want to display a text box when [Project Type] is "Maintenance".


              Create your text box, on the Layout tab make "Show" conditional with the following expression:


              if(getfieldselections([Project Type])='Maintenance',1,0)



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                  Hi pat,


                       Thanks for ur reply.


                       I tried in ur way. But still I m not getting the result as I needed.


                       I m using QV 10 SR2. Is thr any pblm with tat?


                       Please clarify this.



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                      Patrick Laredo



                      don't know about the version issue and can't test it but I'd be very surprised.


                      Start by creating a text box without the "show" condition expression.


                      in the tex box put the expression:


                      =getfieldselections([Project Type]).


                      now start selecting on your [Projetc Type] field. What happens to the text box? This should display the selected value of [project Type] when one and only one value has been selected. Is this the case? If not there is a typo. 


                      The idea is to test the result of the above expression against the string 'Maintenance' and show the textbox if this condition is met.


                      try again - I tested it her and it works (v8.5).


                      by the way  Sivasubramanian's solution woul ddo the job too.


                      good luck.

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                          Hi pat,


                               Again I ve tried it as u said.


                               It works perfectly in the text but not in the show condition expression.


                               I dono y happening like this... But before I ve tried with other chart types. I didn't face any pblm like this.


                               I ll try to find out wats the pblm in this n ll post u.