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    how to create combo chart?

    sahil mahajan


      I want to make a combo chart where in i can calculate the percentage inc and dec month on month how do i also include that.

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          arul settu

          you need another expression for combo chart can you share the app or the output expecting

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              sahil mahajan

              ok please tell me one thing.


              There is a path from which i am uploading the data and creating a dashboard and then i am sharing the qvf file with the management.


              Now suppose if the management has a different path but the data is same and he appends the additional data can he load the data from different source or should he always have the same data source from which the dashboard was built.

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                  Andy Weir

                  If you want to colaborate then you need to be working on a shared environent either server edition or cloud where shared data connections can be established.


                  If you are all using desktop version then you need to send across the data so he can reload it in their own version with their own additional data.






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                Toni Kautto

                Hi Sahil, welcome to Qlik Community!


                Please try to summarize your question in your question title, to get more community members to read your question. I changed your title in this case to better match your question.


                I often find a lot of good tutorial videos on Youtube. My suggestion is that you look for videos on Qlik Sense Combo Chart to get insights on how to get started on this chart type.