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    Table in the script QLIK SENSE

    Stefania Santalucia



      is it possible make a table (graph) for the script?


      I have 100 measures to be insert in the graph (table) and manually it is very tiring to do it.




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          Andrea Gigliotti

          No I guess you have to do it manually.

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            Andy Weir

            You could store them in excel and load the values into your script.  Still at some point you are going to have to generate the list by hand unless you have some friendly field names.


            I do this with loading variables



                "Variable Name",

                "Variable Expression",

                "Variable Comment"

            FROM 'lib://Config/<filename>.xlsx'

            (ooxml, embedded labels, table is Variables);


            For i = 0 to NoOfRows('Variables') - 1


                Let vName = Peek('Variable Name',i,'Variables'); // Name of Variable

                Let vComment = Peek('Variable Comment',i,'Variables'); // Comment/Description of Variable

                Let $(vName) = Peek('Variable Expression',i,'Variables') & chr(10) & '//$(vComment)'; // Default value


            Next i