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    Create Sum() with AutoCalendar from LastYear

    Martina Jakovcic



      I would like to make sum with from t last year. But every time, i became the result 0.


      I try this, but this doesn't work. Because i select my actual year.

      Sum( { $< [SHIPPINGDATECONFIRMED.autoCalendar.YearsAgo]={"1"} > } [LINEAMOUNT] )

      This solution also didn't work:


      Sum ({<[Jahr]= {$(=max([Jahr])-1)}>}[LINEAMOUNT])

      Sum ({<[SHIPPINGDATECONFIRMED.autoCalendar.Year]= {$(=Year([SHIPPINGDATECONFIRMED.autoCalendar.Year])-1)}>}[LINEAMOUNT])


      I think my problem is with autoCalendar. How i can make a sum from the last year with the field SHIPPINGDATECONFIRMED.autoCalendar.Year?


      Thank for you help.