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    <= >= for date stored in variable

    Baarathi V
      First NameLast NameDate of JoiningDesignationLocationSalary
      GajaRamalingam1/1/2007Project ManagerChennai10000
      JaganMohan1/1/2008Senior DeveloperChennai7000
      VishalShete1/1/2012Project ManagerNew York10000
      LaxmanReddy2/2/2012Senior DeveloperNew York20000
      KarunNair3/3/2012Senior DeveloperChennai30000



      Let varLastReloadDate = '1/1/2018';

      Let varSal = 7000;

      Let varThisReloadDate = '2/2/2018';


          "First Name",

          "Last Name",

          "Date of Joining",




      FROM [lib://Temp/Employee.xls]

      (biff, embedded labels, table is Sheet1$)

      Where "Date of Joining" > $(varLastReloadDate);

      Let varLastReloadDate = varThisReloadDate;


      As per the logic the above line should not load any line. But the entire 5 rows are loaded in script. In qliksense, does > and < work opposite for date?