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    Store working days between begin and end dates in seperate variables

    omar bensalem

      Hi folks ( stalwar1)


      I have some questions and hope u'll help me solving them.

      Here we go :


      Imagine I have 2 dates:

      BeginDate and EndDate


      I want to have all the Dates between this Begin and EndDate that are Working Days and store each day in a variable:


      BeginDate : 31/01/2018

      EndDate : 06/02/2018

      List of working days btwn these 2 days:

      31/01/2018, 01/02/2018 , 02/02/2018, 05/02/2018, 06/02/2018

      Thus, I want to have sthing like this:

      vD1: 31/01/2018

      vD2: 01/02/2018

      vD3 : 02/02/2018

      vD4: 05/02/2018

      vD5: 06/02/2018

      Is this possible? If so, any idea in how can I do such a thing?