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    Generate dates between status changes.

    Andreas Gumaelius



      I want to generate one row for each ID, Date and PaymentType.

      I have records for ID's with no start date from one table and another table that has the LogDate (change date) for each PaymentType.


      I can set a start date for the first table from lets say 2017-01-01 and then generate one row per day up until the Payment Type changes.

      When the Payment Type changes I want to generate a date until Payment Type changes again and so on.


      The next problem is that the SubscriberID can go back to the table without dates and then I need to set the last change date as start date in that table.


      I know this is quite common problem but I've tried several solutions and checked others as well like:

      Generating Missing Data In QlikView


      I've attached an example file with data.


      Any help is welcome!