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    Problem with SAP OLAP connector

    Andrea Ferrando

      Hi all, I've got a problem with Sap Olap Connector. After fetching a small amount of rows from a query, it silently terminate the loading and only if I go to the logfile I found this type of error:


      Error          ErrorKey: RFC_MEMORY_INSUFFICIENT, ErrorMessage: Out of memory error


      How can I solve this problem? I have to pass some parameters to the connection?




        • Problem with SAP OLAP connector
          Ian Crosland



          Could you post your versions and existing connection string, For the OLAP connector a parameter exists:


          PartitionSize=nnnnnnn (default=4000000) increasing this will give better speed, but also increase

          the risk of getting dumps in the SAP system. If you are getting many dumps you should adjust this

          downwards. The download will in most cases recover