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    Set Analysis, or I think so

    Jose Gonzalez

      Hi. I work with Qlik Sense. I need to get a list of customers who bought an X product.

      That X product is the most sold in the current year.

      To obtain it, I used the function "firstsortedvalue (ProductName, -Ventas)" that returns the product with the highest sales value.

      It shows it in a KPI and it is with respect to the selected year, if a year has not been selected then it obtains by default the one of the most recent year.

      I already verified that  and in effect I obtain the product with the most sales (money, not volume by quantity).

      But now I have to show a table with exclusively the customers that bought that product and their purchase amount.

      I have as Dimension: Clients

      I have as Measure: sum (sales)