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    Access Controls



      I have a requirement like this.



           - Junior Admin (1)

                -- User 1

                -- User 2

           - Junior Admin (2)

                -- User 3

                -- User 4


      Now.. I made a document for Admin user. He can see all details of Junior Admin 1 and 2 and their corresponding users. If Junior Admin 1 and 2 opens that document than only they are able to see their correpsonding users respectively not each others detail. Junior Admin 1 cant see any detail of Junior Admin 2 and vice versa.


      How to achieve this requirement ? Any suggestion ?



      Sachin A.

        • Access Controls
          Peter Rieper

          You need to create kind of an hierarchical structure like

          USER  RIGHT2SEE

          ADMIN ADMIN

          ADMIN JUNIOR1

          ADMIN USER1

          ADMIN USER2

          ADMIN JUNIOR2

          ADMIN USER3

          ADMIN USER4

          JUNIOR1 JUNIOR1

          JUNIOR1 USER1

          JUNIOR1 USER2

          USER1 USER1

          USER2 USER2


          Think the principle is clear. Table may also be constructed with JOIN-operators