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    Condition in expression

    wajiha khan



      I need a little help

      I have a data like this


      What i am trying to do is making expression for table chart in which i want quantity of last 2 months along with current selected month but only that row which has 0 quantity. And if there is a value in quantity column other than 0 then that row should not show.


      I am using the below expression


      Sum({$<Year=, Month=, monthyear={">=$(=MonthStart(AddMonths(Max(monthyear),-2)))<$(=MonthEnd(Max(monthyear)))"}, Quantity = {"0"} >} Quantity)


      This expression is working fine for last months but not for current selected month. Like if i have select Year 2016 and Month Jun then data is showing like below snap


      I don't want the highlighted row in the above image. This is the same row highlighted in green color in first image.

      Rest of the result is perfectly fine. Only these two rows should not include in result.

      How could i achieve this?