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    Previous month value

    zahid Rahim

      Dear Experts,


      I have monthwise data where i can see figures for the selected month now i want to see the value of the previous month from the selected month. i am using below expression but in vain.


      My filter and month date is in MNTH_DATE column.


      Sum({<Date(MNTH_DATE)={"$(=Date(AddMonths(vDate, -1)))"}>}  ORDERED_QUANTITY_VOL)





      Zahid Rahim



        • Re: Previous month value
          Sunny Talwar

          You are not allowed to use functions on the left hand side of your set modifier....




          Why are you using Date() here? Is your MNTH_DATE a timestamp? or are you trying to format it in a certain way... I would do this


          Sum({<MNTH_DATE = {"$(=Date(AddMonths(vDate, -1), 'DateFieldFormatHere'))"}>}  ORDERED_QUANTITY_VOL)