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    Set analysis associated field

    Jurien Groot



      I have a master calendar:



        (Year(TempDate)-1) * 12 + Num(Month(TempDate)) as MonthID,

        MonthName(TempDate) as Period


      The user can select one Period in the app. I have two metrics:

      Sum( {$<[MonthID]={$(=Max([MonthID]))} >} Money)

      Sum( {$<[MonthID]={$(=Max([MonthID])-1)} >} Money)


      If the user selects one Period, the 2nd metric shows 0. How can I let the user select one period and still show (essentially Period-1) via the monthID -1 ?

      If I select one MonthID it works fine. Why can the set analysis not understand the associated field?


      I don't want to have a data island btw.