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    Not linking correctly

      Hi all,


      I am new to qlikview, but managed to follow some examples using pre-defined example databases.


      Now I want to try with my "real" data, and I have three tables: PRODUCTS, CUSTOMER, ORDER. The ORDER contains information about what has been sold and to whom, like this:













      In a relational database, this cause no trouble, but in qlikview it does not work. There is a link between the tables, but if I click on Cust_nr it will not show me the the product number, and vice versa.


      Any advice? Is there anyway I can override the settings in Qlikview or at least see how it links it all together?

        • Not linking correctly
          Henco van Ee

          Could you please share the table view with us?

          Press ctrl + t when you are in QlikView desktop, and you will get the table view.


          Kind regard,


            • Not linking correctly

              The tables are called differently than in my example, but basically one contains sales orders, one products and one is a link between them.


              I have found that it happens if I try to select everything from all three tables it doesnt work. If I select only some fields, it works, but I would like to select all. It is a not a lot of data that I have.


              Here is the qlikview image:



              Here is the Crystal Report image which shows the link that shoule be there. (Joins on ART NR and DOKNR).



              Any help is greatly appreciated!

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                  Henco van Ee

                  Hi Mace,


                  Check the attached example. I think that is what you want to have?


                  Kind regards,


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                      Oh sorry... I am still trying this out so I am only on the Personal Edition and can't open other users files... any chance that you could copy-paste the script or a small explanations?


                      I will award points of course. Thank you so much for helping me!

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                          Henco van Ee

                          The script is made by inline tables.

                          If you want to link a table to another one, you have to make sure that the names are the same.

                          Check the attached image.



                          Copy paste this in the QV editor (ctrl + E) and reload the script.

                          You will get the schema as attached.



                          LOAD * INLINE [

                              NAME, CITY, NUMBER

                              Cust_A, Birmingham, 001

                              Cust_B, Bristol, 002

                              Cust_C, London, 003

                              Cust_D, Southampton, 004





                          LOAD * INLINE [

                              ORDERNR, NUMBER, PRODNR

                              Ord_001, 001, A

                              Ord_002, 001, A

                              Ord_003, 001, B

                              Ord_004, 002, B

                              Ord_005, 003, A

                              Ord_006, 003, C

                              Ord_007, 004, A

                              Ord_008, 004, B

                              Ord_009, 004, C

                              Ord_010, 004, D





                          LOAD * INLINE [

                              PRODNR, PRODNAME

                              A, Product_A

                              B, Product_B

                              C, Product_C

                              D, Product_D



                          Table schema.gif

                            • Not linking correctly

                              The fields are named the same, but it seems like there are too many fields with the same name, thus creating too many links. I would like to tell Qlikview to ignore all links except one - am I right that this means I will have to rename all fields that should not be linked?

                              For example, there is a sum-field, which should - naturally - not be linked. I suppose the only way to avoid a link is to rename one of the sums?


                              I only get this error when I select all fields in all tables, if I limit the choice it works better.


                              Thank you for your response.