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    Export table to Excel for each available field selection

    Mattias Brandt



      I have a table where I have calulated income the last 12 months where the salesperson is the same as the account manager using this syntax:


      Sum( {$<IsInvoiced={1},MonthYear={"<=$(=max(MonthYear)-1)>$(=max(MonthYear)-13)"},PersonSales={"$(=GetFieldSelections(PersonAccountManager))"}>} Income)


      In a table like this:

      Person 1Customer 11 000 000
      Person 1Customer 2500 000
      Person 1Customer 3100 000


      The issue is that I can only select one PersonAccountManger at time and now I need to export all of the account mangers, which is approx 100 and very timeconsuming.


      Can the syntax be mended to only display the income where the Salesperson is equal to the account manager, couse then I can use Excel VBA to create new workbooks per accountmanager.


      Or if one can, via VBA, export one table per account manager to excel directly from Qlik View?


      The goal is to have on Excel-file with this tabel per account manager and created as easy as possible.


      Any suggestions?


      Best Regards Mattias