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    FieldIndex values change after updating data set?

    Maria Poulsen

      Hi everyone


      I have a problem with understanding how the FieldIndex-funcion works.


      I have made a QV-application, where I used a line chart to show some data based on a variable faculty.

      The variable always has 5 different values - because of 5 faculties.


      In the colors tab in the line chart I used my predefines colors to control the colors:

           $(vGrafFarve1), $(vGrafFarve2),...,$(vGrafFarve5)


      I also used the "use persistent colors" to make sure, that the faculties hold their value, when filtering the data on faculty in a list box.


      When I made the application I noticed  that the faculty of ex. humanities always had the value of $(vGrafFarve2).


      Therefore I could make this categorization to my line charts:

      (The dots hold the calculated colors $(vGrafFarve1),...,$(vGrafFarve5)).



      Now I'm updating the application with the newest data and find that the colors in the line charts doesn't match my categories shown above any longer?


      I have read that it has something to do with how Qlikview reads the dimension values.

      I checked the FieldIndex value on my 5 faculty values in the faculty variable before and after the update of the application.

      I found that 3 of the 5 values had changed Fieldindex value, which obviously explains why my categorization doesn't match the colors in the line charts any longer.


      But now I would like to understand my the FieldIndex values changed, just because I loaded data for the newest year into the application? The faculty variable still only has 5 different values - and they still have the same names?


      I would like to understand it, so I don't have the same problem the next time I have to update the application.


      Kind regards