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    Installing Sense Certificates

    reshma k m

      Hi Everyone,


      I have QlikSense and NPrinting installed in the test server. When I try to create an NPrinting connection, I get certificate error.


      The NPrinting services are normally configured to run using a non-interactive service account.


      I login to the NPrinting and Sense servers using my ID. I export certificate from QMC and install it using the tool QmcCertificatesInstaller. I also modify the NPrinting services to run using my ID instead of the service account. After making these changes, everything works and I am able to create an NPrinting connection.


      But, this is not the real-time case. I can't run the services using my ID, but I need to use the service account. What should I do then? Is there a way where I can install the certificate for another user (ie the service account)?