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    Default Value Date on a Table

    Simon McCoy

      Hi, I have a table built that Im uploading data to daily, it has a Product and a number of units in it. The number of units changes day on day so the Product list changes too. The Products where invventory goes to 0 will stay in the database as it may be refilled.. Im looking for this table to wake up fully as if I have just selected the most recent value date which has the most recent inventory stock updated. meaning that the list will not show all products if there is no inventory that day.


      Product List



      Currently have my units calculated as follows:

      Aggr(NODISTINCT Sum({<[Value Date]={'$(=Max([Value Date]))'}>} [No. Units]), Manufacturer)

      This means that the products with a 0 value are still showing up on the table as


      im looking to put a similar value date constraint on the Product_Name list


      any help would be appreciated